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ESI 3m

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3 190 Ft
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Kategória: Bandázsszalag
Évjárat: 2024
EASY INSTALL | HASSLE FREE | SELF-BONDING | NO RESIDUE | NO ADHESIVE | UV RESISTANTWrap under camera, lights, and GPS mounts to keep them from moving and scratching your bike/bars. Excellent chainstay protector and much more!ESI Silicone Tape:Keep adhesives off your bike!This is the finishing tape included in our RCT Wrap Kits! If you remove the protective backing and feel the material it feels exactly the same on both sides. There are no adhesives! If you touch it to itself you have just a few seconds to peel it away before it starts to bond. It bonds to itself or to our silicone grips, but not to your bike or to your components. No more cleanups. No more nasty glue stuck all over your bike or products.Benefits-ESI Silicone Tape has some of the same benefits as our grips. It is UV resistant, heat resistant, made in the USA, and long lasting. Not to mention it is military grade!No Clean upThe best part of our tape is when you are done with it, cut it off and throw it away. No Clean up needed! Uses-There are countless uses for our silicone tape. One awesome use is it makes a great chain stay protector. Also, wrap it under mounts to keep your lights, cameras, GPS, etc. from rotating and scratching your bars. Basically, anything you use adhesive/electrical tape on you can now use ESI Silicone Tape instead without the mess. With 10ft in a roll you can get numerous chain stay protectors and custom tape jobs for only $8.99!Some other great uses include: tool handles, finishing tape, protecting wear points on your frame etc. The possibilities are endless.

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